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The College Music Tour Managers Association (CMTMA) was founded in 1990 in order to learn and examine the challenges and solutions of touring with college and university music organizations.

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Members travel from coast to coast and gather each year to share new resources and discuss management strategies for everything from the first phone call to sponsoring organizations to air freighting equipment overseas.


Dates are set for CMTMA 2019 at Wartburg College hosted by Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa.

September 15-17, 2019

Make plans to attend the 2019 CMTMA Conference. Each year, colleagues from across the country gather to learn from each other about new trends, policies, challenges, and successes that impact our tours.


Today the CMTMA has 30 member institutions, with over 40 colleges and universities having attended the annual conference over the course of its 20+ year history. Members find the annual conference inspiring, refreshing, innovative and informative for both new and long-time attendees. If you and your college or university would like more information on the CMTMA annual conference and membership information, please contact the CMTMA President.


Who can be a member of CMTMA?

Membership of the College Music Tour Manager's Association is open to all colleges and universities. If you work with college-level touring ensembles, check out what CMTMA has to offer!

Member Institutions

The College Music Tour Manager's Association is an organization of 30 colleges and universities across the U.S. with music ensemble touring programs.

CMTMA Officers

The CMTMA executive committee is made up of elected officers from the CMTMA membership.

Q: Who can be
a member of CMTMA?

A: Membership is open to all colleges and universities. If the music ensembles at your college tour in any capacity,

we strongly encourage you to join CMTMA and attend our conference this year. Take a look at our web site and contact our membership chair, if you would like more information. We have a lot to offer, but we also think YOU have a lot to offer and we'd love to have you join us!


Q: What kinds of college or university employees are members of CMTMA?

A: CMTMA members represent their institutions in many different ways. All are involved in music ensemble touring in some capacity, each with a different perspective to share.
Are you:

  • a full-time tour manager for the music organizations at your college?
  • a department administrative assistant who helps plan tours?
  • an ensemble conductor who does all the travel and concert arrangements yourself?

Or maybe you'd like to expand your ensemble touring program? If any of the above items describe your job (or parts of it), we invite you to join us! Please contact our membership chair, to learn more.

Q: How might I benefit from being a member of CMTMA?

A: As a member of CMTMA, you will have access to opportunities for exciting professional and personal growth.

Yearly gatherings offer the chance for members to share and learn from colleagues' unique perspectives in music organizations management and touring. In addition, sessions and workshops allow for in-depth discussion of a variety of topics related to college/uiniversity music organizations, ensemble touring and the ever-changing world of music performance.

Learn from the experiences of your colleagues, collaborate with peers, and gain new perspectives through experts in music touring, performance and much more. Become a member of CMTMA today - contact our membership chair, for more information.

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